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Edward G. Felsing

Edward G. Felsing built the 12'x12' filling station called Square Deal Oil & Supply Co. on a vacant lot at 41st and Fond du Lac in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1923 when there wasn't a paved road in sight. In 1924, the year he was married, he built an addition on the station, where they lived. About five years later, he put on an addition to repair cars, where from about 1937-1942 he sold the Willys automobile and other makes of cars. At that time the station was named Felsing Motor Co. The station carried everything needed for emergency car repairs, in addition to other household supplies. He sold the property when he retired in 1963, but today his grandsons, Ron and Gary Felsing, run Felsing Service at 92nd and Burleigh.

Don Felsing

Don Felsing, the eldest son of Ed, was born while the Felsings lived in the Fond du Lac Ave station addition. The family moved across the street when his two brothers, Chet and Rich came along. Don worked at the station from the age of 16, while he attended school, all the way until the station was sold in 1963. From 1960-1963 Pate Oil Company owned the property. Don worked for Haller Service, a service station near the old railroad depot on Clybourn St in downtown Milwaukee, from 1963-1968. The following year, Don went to work for his brother-in-law Glenn, who owned Kroeger's Service on 28th & National. That same year, 1969, Glenn and Don decided to go into business together, and they opened Felsing-Kroeger Service Station at 82nd and Capitol. Many of Felsing's current customers remember that location. They were there until 1975, when Don went out on his own and opened Felsing Texaco at 76th and Capitol. From there, Felsing's moved to its present location in 1978 on 92nd and Burleigh. In 1984 the business was incorporated, and in 1989 Don turned the business over to his two sons, Ron and Gary.


When Pate Oil Co. owned the property at 41st & Fond du Lac, from 1960-1963, they came out with very new all-season motor oil called Uniflo. Pictured here are: Don, Ed and Chet Felsing.